Patrimonial Family Mediation

The Patrimonial Family Mediation concept

Patrimonial Family Mediation

This concept was developed by Pierre Servan-Schreiber.

It consists in combining commercial and corporate mediation and family systemic therapy techniques to help family groups resolve their disputes and their communication dysfunctions, in particular:

  • At the time of a succession;
  • At the time of a transition of power within a family owned corporation;
  • At the time of important changes in governance within such companies;
  • At the time when divergence of strategies among family members impair the development of the group.

“Family group” is a term that applies both to the members of the family concerned and to the group composed of the corporation(s) or asset(s) owned by such family group.

The concept of Patrimonial Family Mediation is distinct from that of Matrimonial Family Mediation which relates to divorce matters.

Examples of Patrimonial Family Mediations

Pierre Servan-Schreiber was a mediator in the following matters:

  • Mediation between a widow and the brothers of the deceased over the entire succession issue.
  • Mediation among brothers at the time when the founding father passed the reins over to the youngest of his sons to the detriment of the others.
  • Mediation among six brothers and sisters who were unable to separate their interests in the family holding company.
  • Mediation among two divorcing spouses over the split of their many assets comprising corporations, intellectual property rights, works of art, real estate, etc.
  • Mediation among brothers and sisters over a several important real estate assets.
  • Mediation among a father and his daughters when preparing his succession comprised of various financial and real estate assets and a winery.
  • Mediation within a family group who is the largest private real estate owner in a certain country.
  • Mediation within a family group owning a major distribution company.

Patrimonial Family Mediation Training

Pierre Servan-Schreiber received training and/or accreditation from:

  • CiArb, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, London;
  • CEDR, Center for Effective Dispute Resolution, London;
  • CPR, International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution, New York;
  • CMAP, Centre de Médiation et d’Arbitrage de Paris, Paris.

And also:

  • International Center for Conflict Resolution, Ken Cloke, Santa Monica; Court of Appeals of Paris; APME – High Intensity Family Conflicts module, Paris.
  • As well as a training in Systemic Family Therapy with the APRTF, Paris.

Publications on Patrimonial Family Mediation

«Médiation dans les affaires familiales, une approche systémique» ; Les Affiches Parisiennes, 34 juin 2016.

«La médiation comme thérapie systémique des groupes familiaux» ; Revue des Juristes de Sciences-Po ; N° 20, Février 2021.