Pierre Servan-Schreiber

A specialist in mergers and acquisitions

During his 30 years as a specialist in friendly acquisitions, joint ventures and hostile takeovers, Pierre Servan-Schreiber became convinced that an amicable, negotiated solution to all disputes or conflicts of interests was a far better, more productive and efficient approach.

His desire to shift his practice towards mediation and in particular within family groups stems from his own family history which saw the creation and the loss of a large press group in France (Les Echos, l’Express, l’Expansion, la Tribune,…).

The Servan-Schreiber family

The Servan-Schreiber family

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“Pierre Servan-Schreiber, une humanité bouleversante”

A committed humanist

Beside his career as a corporate lawyer, Pierre Servan-Schreiber has always paid attention to others.

Through pro bono work, notably by defending asylum seekers in court for many years with a very high rate of success.

He also served as a member of the Paris Bar Council (2010-2013).


Pierre Servan-Schreiber represented the Hopi Indian nation and Survival International in trying to prevent several auction sales of sacred Hopi artefacts in France and in organizing the restitution of a number of them to the Hopis.

Podcast - Parole de lawyer

Knowledge transmitter

Always eager to pass his knowledge on to others, Pierre Servan-Schreiber is a regular lecturer at Sciences-Po Paris and HEC.

Recently he created the podcast lawyers “Parole de Lawyer” to share his professional expérience. His podcast is available on all main podcast platforms such as Apple, Spotify, Ausha, etc.

Olive oil producer

For almost 20 years, Pierre has produced a highly reputable olive oil named Domaine de Saint-Pierre.

Olive oil Domaine Saint-Pierre
Jessica Thivenin book "C'est tout moi"


Pierre Servan-Schreiber is also the president of Editions du Liamone, which specializes in the publication of TV stars autobiographies.

And so many other things…

A motorcycle enthusiast, since the age of 14 has ridden on virtually all continents on motorcycles and has written articles in books and publications dealing with motorcycle riding.

Last, but not least he is the father of five children and the grandfather of seven grandsons.